Monday, 28 January 2008

Border Performance (duration 90 min.)

1. Enter a train compartment for six persons and ask for a free seat beside the window.
2. Start to put your full plastic bags on top of the shelves and next to the seats of other passengers.
3. Ask them if they could declare the plastic bags as theirs. Reassure them that it is allowed to cross the border with up to ten boxes.
4. Reassure them that there won’t be any problems at all.
5. Try to hide boxes behind sleeping passengers and wake them up right before crossing the border to ask if they may help you.
6. Distribute sugar from small paper packets of caf├ęs on the ground (will bring luck).
7. When the train stops ask everybody to tell his amount to the custom officers (they will pick only on a few vicitms as alibi).
8. Handle out your passport and ask the others in the cabin to stay calm, covering your body with theirs.
9. As soon as the train continues, start your central choreography:

Lie down on the floor and hide plastic bags behind the right seats (old German trains provide space between seats and division). Get up to get more plastic bags. Lie down again to hide the rest behind the left seats. Take off your (prepared) jacket and belt, take out the packets and put them behind the seats as well. As soon as you have completed this choreography ask the other passengers to come in.

10. Now police and custom officers will start their performance, too. The first will just have a look inside from the corridor and pass by. The second will open the door to ask for the amount. (You tell about a tenth of the amount you have with you). Then three officiers will check the luggage of every passenger. They won’t check the seats.
11. As soon as they leave, distribute sugar again and throw a coin to see if you will succeed this time with your performance.
12. After some minutes the first police officer will come back to give you a sign to leave the compartment.
13. You pay his share (1 Euro each box, be careful not to cheat too obviously)
14. As soon as your passport has been taken, stamped and returned, your performance turned out to be successful.
15. Start to pack again and at the next stop, hand over the boxes of cigarettes to the waiting cars.

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