Tuesday, 5 October 2010

My Business Card

Facing a new round of applications, I decided to upgrade my professional appearance in order to be able and surf on the rough waves of crisis and competition. If you feel like giving your own CV a kick to set off, just follow the reference in the bottom line and you will discover a whole new universe of self-presentation. Enjoy!

Business Card
Name: Wind
Target Group: Interested Colleagues
Region: Berlin / Paris / London Elsewhere
Business Division: Global Culture Sphere
Job Title: Self-Entrepreneur
In the business since: 2004

My role

I work for Global Creative Ressources (GCR) covering predominantly public clients on special situations and event-driven festival opportunities. My area of expertise is risk taking, art production, performances, texts and counter strategies.

When I came to Berlin, I was placed in a former DDR apartment with just one other translocal team member. Thanks to our efforts and lots of good workflow, we have built the desk into a #1 European Relative Value operation. We have relationships with over 100 colleagues in the art world. The revenues speak for themselves and our team in Berlin has grown temporarily from two to three persons. I personally manage some of the most valuable network relationships.

My background

Before completing my Master, I worked at Theatre festivals on their structured production desk. After having finished my Master program in Dramaturgy & Comparative Literature Studies at LMU Munich (LMU), I decided to gear my studies towards a career in the interdisciplinary field of art and culture, with the hope of changing my career, as nobody provided me with the opportunity to put into practice all that I had learned during my Master program.

The Master program was extremely useful to the extent that it gave me the opportunity to take some exotic courses and help me build up a network that unfortunately got lost in competition. Certainly, had it been for the master program and the limited recruitment opportunities, it would have been difficult for me to make the shift from what was essentially a career in dramaturgy to art and performance.

Day to day challenges

Finding viable creative ideas is the biggest challenge I face in my job. It requires a great deal of information, ingenuity, and insight. Tapping into research, and drawing upon multiple resources are the keys to success in my business. The writing of concepts and applications is the easy part. Getting the full project and seeing the big context is where the challenge lies. Managing time is the second biggest challenge.

Community & Work Environment

From senior artists to junior members of the community, every one is a competitive player. The network is extremely intelligent, creative, open minded and hierarchical. There is always a buzz on the biennials and openings, the energy is electrifying, the pressure is high, yet I can confidently say it is one of the few truly "fun" jobs I have had in my life.

Training Program

A four week theory training program, and several long-term artist-in-residency programs were an excellent refresher course in the various aspects of art, theory & politics. The off-site team-building activities for participants provided a great forum to make connections and build networks in improvised conditions. One of the most rewarding parts of the programs was the opportunity to get connected with the art & theory world in Amsterdam, Istanbul, Sydney, and Stockholm. This allowed me to build relationships with the various critical colleagues who make up the translocal art projects.

Language skills
English, German, French, Portuguese, Finnish, and other European Dialects.

Corporate Culture

To understand the art culture, I would suggest that you visit websites and face book communities where you will read that our identity is based on five core values: Work focus; Creativity; Innovation; Performance and Trust. When I first joined the art world I heard the buzzwords but they didn't mean much to me. But having worked here for almost seven years now, I can really see how true they are. Almost all my colleagues live by these values and not by a stable income. I am surrounded by a group of unassuming, yet highly motivated players, driven by a hunger for success. The entire network is focused on achieving market dominance while being convinced that they are maintaining integrity at all times. I have found that self-management fosters and encourages entrepreneurship at all levels of the organization. Come out with an intelligent idea, even if it is not very likely that you will be given the resources for implementation.

Application & Interview Processes

My first-round applications for potential projects were directed to London, Tel Aviv, Helsinki, Aomori and other places hosting art-in-residency programs. The negative reactions were fairly informal, but we did not discuss anything, neither my career aspirations nor prior work experience. I decided to continue applying, however, as the art world in general demonstrates to me how committed everybody is to his or her own career. I found that my temporary employers were not traditional or elitist. To the contrary, the team I met at museums and festivals was down-to-earth and focused on building a formidable franchise. The quality and professionalism of the translocal art world really was a major deciding factor for joining it. I am curious about what the future will bring.

Bettina Wind

This text is dedicated to my translocal colleagues struggling with applications and concepts at the moment; I also want to thank Mr. Kanak, whose generous gesture to publish his job description on the website of Deutsche Bank helped me to give my professional appearance a completely new tune.